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Racism in Property Ownership Additional Resources

Brick + Beam Event

10:20am on Nov 28 2022

The Racism in Property Ownership in Detroit educational series was a free, four-part, in-person event series in 2022 organized by Brick + Beam Detroit (BBD) and made possible by support from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Rocket Community Fund, Michigan Humanities, and the Michigan Historic Preservation Network. Topics ranged from indigenous history to federal policies, to disproportionate lending and neighborhood revitalization strategies. The four sessions were intentionally structured to bring awareness to discriminatory legacy policies and encourage engagement with the audience for robust discussion.

The resources below provide additional information, reading recommendations, and bite size histories detailing the topics dicussed in the in-person event series. 

Additional Reources: 

Learn some basic vocabulary commonly used in property ownership and deepen your understanding of the terms: Property Ownership Vocabulary Terms

Take note of some of the important shifts in property ownership with a legal history timeline of property ownership in the U.S.: Bite Size Histories: Property Ownership Timeline

The history of property ownership in Detroit cannot be understood without learning about the original Indigenous residents: Bite Size Histories: Pre-Colonialization

How did the boundaries of modern-day Detroit come about? Learn about the history of annexation in Detroit: Bite Size Histories: Boundaries

What can you do to combat the legacy of discriminatory policies in property ownership: Racism in Property Ownership: Action Steps 


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