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I live in a historic district! What do I need to know?

If your property is in an historic district, then exterior work must have prior approval by the City of Detroit Historic District Commission before work begins. The Building of Safety, Engineering, and Environment Department also cannot issue building permits for exterior work without HDC approval.

Here's a list of guidelines from the Historic District Commission that you can use to figure out what the general rules are about things like installing a satellite dish, cleaning your masonry, or painting your property. The list also includes applications for window repair, roof replacement, siding replacement, and new construction / additions.

The City of Detroit's website also has a helpful FAQ about living in historic districts that may be a first stop if you have further questions.

Not sure if you live in a historic district? Here's a map of local historic districts created by the Historic Designation Advisory Board. If you're still not sure, call HDC staff:

Jennifer Ross: [email protected]  224-8907


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