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Rehab Checklists - Interiors and Exteriors/Systems

Emilie Evans

If you're in the process of buying or rehabbing a building, these checklists are for you! Brick + Beam Detroit has created our own Rehab Checklists for both interiors and exteriors / systems to help you in buying and rehabbing your home or building. Use these checklists on walk-throughs at an open house, with your realtor, or with your contractors to keep track of current conditions, what repairs are needed and how much they'll cost.

Print a copy of each for every home you're considering as a propsective buyer, or for each contractor you're getting an estimate from, so you're sure to keep track of the important details along the way! 

Download both Rehab Checklists for Interiors and Exteriors/Systems below! 

Have feedback on these? Let us know how they're working for you! [email protected]

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