Brick + Beam Detroit

Guide to Researching Your Home's History (from Home!)

This is a guide compiled to help you learn about the history of your house, highlighting tools and ways to research digitally and what cluesto look for around the house itself. It focuses on the basics and breaks them down step-by-step-- finding your original address, past owners & residents, the year built, and more-- these details can help you to dig deeper into the story of the building. From there you might start to construct a timeline or narrative about your home!


This guide was compiled by Rosie DeSantis with editing by Alissa Shelton for Brick + Beam Detroit. This version is from March 30, 2020
It was created in collaboration with Jolene Kijorski and Samantha Ellens of Preservation Detroit, Ann Philips of The City of Detroit, Kristin Rose of Book Suey,  & Rebecca Binno Savage

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