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Masonry with MHPN: Old Brick Resources

Michigan Historic Preservation Network

At B+BD, we’re often asked questions about masonry, and dealing with issues that arise on older brick walls. 

MHPN recently hosted a webinar  "What to Know Before Starting an Old Brick Project" digging into this topic!
Brick mason, Blair Bates, discussed what property owners need to know before starting a project on their old brick structures, including photos of common issues, what questions to ask a contractor before hiring them to work on your masonry structure, along with other things to consider before getting started on a project. 

You can view the recording of the zoom workshop here and view the list of accompanying Old Brick Resources here. 

The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is dedicated to recognizing and preserving Michigan’s rich cultural and architectural heritage.​ Check out upcoming MHPN workshops here, and past workshop recordings and resources here. MHPN also hosts an annual conference, which always features sessions on applied preservation skills, this year’s conference is coming up (online!) September 21-22, 2020

This resource features information from The Michigan Historic Preservation Network’s July 2020 webinar "What to Know Before Starting an Old Brick Project".

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