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Since 1999, CLEARCorps Detroit has been working to create healthy homes for families-- focusing on lead-safe, energy efficient, and asthma-friendly housing. CLEARCorps is a go to resource to learn about keeping your home and work practices safe. 

If you’re interested in learning more about environmental risks (like lead) in your home, and programs to save on energy costs, visit their website. 


Clear Corps Detroit Resources: 

  • Refrigerator Replacement Program: CLEARCorps/Detroit can replace & recycle your old, inefficient refrigerator with a brand new Energy Star-rated refrigerator from Lowes.

  • Lead Info Flyers: Find information about lead risks, preventions, safe work practices, and lead safety compliances, testing, and more. 

  • Healthy Homes Info & Resource Pages: Find complete information and resources about a number of different health risks in your home, including asthma, mold, fire safety, carbon monoxide, pest management, home safety, asbestos, and radon. 

  • Resources for Parents: Resources to prevent lead poisoning, screening quizzes, how to cope with a lead poisoning diagnosis, State Emergency Relief, and more.  


More reading on environmental home risks: 

Presence of certain materials/ contaminants in the home can pose significant health threats to residents! When DIYing, especially in a home that’s pre-1980s, we always recommend following the safety precautions of working lead & asbestos safe. Even if you haven’t tested the area, work as if lead and asbestos are present. Even minor construction puts you are at risk of releasing or disturbing these materials. 

  • Lead is present in most homes constructed prior to 1978, often in paint. You can learn more about lead risks on the EPA site, including how to test.   

  • Asbestos was once used as a fire retardant, it can be present in materials like pipe insulation, floor tiles, some mastics (glues), older “drywall” (cement board),  insulation, exterior siding. More likely in homes built between 1930-1980s, but not likely in homes built after 1995. Never remove Asbestos on your own. Learn more at the EPA’s asbestos page. The Mesothelioma Center also features an Asbestos Guide to help anyone planning a home improvement project spot potentially harmful materials, test them for asbestos and manage asbestos hazards safely.

  • Radon is a Cancer‑Causing, Radioactive Gas. Learn more on the EPA’s Radon page


This resource was added in May 2020 highlighting info about CLEARCorps from their website.

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