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Brick + Beam often offers trainings onsite, at homes and businesses that need a little work. In-process rehab projects are also where we like to host social events for building rehabbers to meet each other. We invite you to consider hosting a hands-on workshop, social gathering, or BOTH! To get a better idea of what you’re signing up to host, please explore past events! Check out past workshop listings, and social events like our fixer upper supper club & fireside chat listing on our events page. 
Please note, proposed location MUST be in Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park.

Hands-on Workshops:
B+BD works with tradespeople to lead hands-on workshops: It’s especially valuable to host these onsite, and to learn these skills while working on an actual structure!
What we're looking for in an on-site workshop location: 

  • Hosts should be excited about having novices work on their property, with the understanding and expectation that while we will do a little work, we likely won’t be checking off any large to-dos off your rehab checklist.
  • This is an especially good opportunity for a rehabber who also wants to learn a skill, and would like to learn it while working on their own property!
  • Older, historic homes and small commercial projects are ideal. 
  • We are often looking to do work in place-- total gutted houses are not generally good locations.  
  • Must have a working restroom on-site! 

Potential Hands-on Workshop Topics: Plaster Repair, Window RestorationPaintingWeatherization, Walk Through Inspections, and more! 

Want to be a hands-on workshop location host? Fill out this interest form!

Fixer Upper Supper Club & Other Social Gatherings:
We know to keep getting the work done, it’s really important to have a community of rehabbers to share experiences with and bounce ideas off of! We love to host these events at in-process or recently completed rehabilitation projects.

What we're looking for a fixer-upper supper club location: 

  • An in-process, or recently completed rehab project! 
  • Hosts should have been an active part of the property rehab: be open to giving a tour of the project, be open to sharing successes *and failures* of the work, and ready to answer questions about the process.
  • Older, historic homes and small commercial projects are ideal
  • We are also interested in highlighting tradespeople's workshops and local hardware shops, etc. So if you'd like to host a mixer at your business, this is the form for you! 

Potential Social Gatherings: Fixer-Upper Supper Club, Other location specific meet-ups like this Fireside Chat

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