Brick + Beam Detroit

Trumbull & Porter

Commercial, >5,000 Square feet

This site has always been a hotel. Built in 1964 as The Holiday Inn Downtown Detroit. The Property was being utilized as a hotel when we acquired it. However, it had not been renovated for 30 years. It was known as the Corktown Inn which had a deplorable reputation due to its checkered business activity in the Corktown Community and the City of Detroit. We have renovated this hotel with Detroit Tradesmen and Artisans. We call our project an "Authentic Detroit Hotel". The hotel was designed by Patrick Thompson a fabulous Detroit Designer.


We are still in the process of renovating. We have completed the 3rd and 4th floor Guest rooms (72),Speciality Jacuzzi rooms, Fitness Center, Lobby, Sundry Shop, Public Restrooms, Burroughs Lounge ( Coffee Bar & Lobby Lounge), Parking Lot and Elevator. We are still in the process of renovating the next two guest room floors and adding Restaurant, Bar and Meeting Space.
The property looks beautiful and emulates the trades and arts in Detroit.

It took: It has taken 12 months

Cost: $100,000 or more

Recorded: June 2016

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