Brick + Beam Detroit

Trestle Lofts Spaces

Commercial, >5,000 Square feet

I was renting space in what is now Detroit Bus company's space in Hamtramick in the mid 1980's and got in to it with the landlord. I had had space in Brighton but now Detroit seemed to be better traveling to Bloomfield so I looked close to Hamtramick and bought 2 buildings near the trestle in 1988. I sold the last one in 1994 and the owner is still working on the space! The other space had 450 square feet of 3250 square feet converted to living but today the rest of it might one day be a cafe. After several shops doing woodworking (teaching), sales and design I contacted the new owner of the third building since he wanted to create a loft for himself. The unions did not renew their contracts that had allowed me to teach their employees in 2007, so I needed to do something. (For 20 hours a week I would work for a small wage and a place to lay my head...I've been here 8 or 9 years again....


My first project had to be on the farm. By the time I was five I was driving a tractor by eight or ten I was dry walling with my mother. At seven I remember trying to fix the bathtub with a bunch of Iranians. First project I don't remember....later project like going aloft (40') to check glaIng came much later...I will share my comments on a legal as is basis, which will clearly (I hope), how I feel about the laws we must follow....
So to clarify I just mixed the last(last) of my whiskey with my urine that I had sitting with my ginger ale (don't ask). Can I still drink it?Will I drink it? I'm not...could I? Yesandno...
As far as rehabbing I grew up in house built in 1854, it went thru extensive rehab and then I moved into a space above a bank built in 1880's? My next extensive rehab was a Venice, CA cottage, then the Southwest Detoit house ( built 1905?) then the New Boston house (built 1870's).
I between getting a degree in Intrior Design and having a strong inclination towards urban and architectural design I have worked in craft related fields. Or some people think...others seem to assume (one of the fields). Some crafty people see me as more...
In short I can help on these subjects: pig farming, chicken farming, crop planting, water management, interior design, house design, urban design, transit design, upholstery, woodworking, 32mm cabinets, glazing, textiles, paints, epoxies (fiber), drapery, floor covering, non oil, solar, wind, small spaces, trees, mobility,...

It took: Not long(10min)

Cost: $75,001-99,999

Recorded: April 2016

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