Brick + Beam Detroit

The Wheel Maker

House, 2,001-3,000 Square feet

I bought a 2 family brick flat in April 2014. It is located in what I consider the Mexicantown neighborhood. I was able to turn the building into a 3 unit by finishing the attic space (roughly 600 sq ft). The place has 2 staircases, so the back staircase serves as a shared entrance to both the 2nd floor and 3rd floor attic unit, (exterior grade doors blocking off each unit from the staircase). I found it online, it had been on the market for a over a year but is probably worth $25k more than I bought it for (if I had not gut renovated it lol). The place had some good and some bad. Just generally poorly done "renovations" throughout its long life. It was "livable" and the first floor unit had more recently.done poor renovations. Some good, some bad... Roof is in great condition, floors dont sag at all! In better condition than most of the others in its price range. I really love that I was able to buy the side lot in the direction of the main room windows. The place is extra bright with my living room, dinning room and kitchen not facing directly into another house 3 feet away. I also really love the 4 covered porches/balconys.


Took the entire structure down to the studs. All new systems and drywall. No cut corners at all! Added 3rd floor attic unit which was just a plain old attic when I bought the place.

It took: 1 year 9 months and counting

Cost: $100,000 or more

Recorded: February 2016

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