Brick + Beam Detroit

The Burton

House, 3,001-5,000 Square feet

I purchased my home on the Wayne County Tax Auction in October 2014. The house had been vacant from what I could figure about 3-4 years and was in pretty bad disrepair. Radiators, boiler, plumbing, doorknobs had been stolen and the knob and tube wiring throughout was shot. For buying a house sight-unseen, I was overall pretty lucky! What I love about my house is meticulous attention to detail put into the design of the home. Everything is perfectly laid out and scaling of each detail is purposeful. There is nothing overly ornate, but the material choices make the house shine (or did before layers of paint...). Most of all, I love my neighbors! Boston-Edison, and my block specifically, has some amazing people that building on my homes own history.


Getting the house in working order. Completely redoing all the mechanicals (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.), restoring the slate roof, tuckpointing, redoing porches and chimneys, getting a bathroom functional... the list goes on.

It took: Took 6 months to get the house livable (no kitchen yet though... that was another 9 months)

Cost: You don't want to know.

Recorded: July 2020

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