Brick + Beam Detroit

Manor of Lyons

House, 3,001-5,000 Square feet

Historical home in a neighborhood I grew up loving. Beautiful oak as far as the eye can see. However, the rest of the house scavenged by scrappers. There is a lot of costly work to be done... it's going to be a labor of love.


Repaired the triple flue chimney. Company was a bit of a headache, no-shows and didn't do what was actual on the proposal (Detroit City Sweep), but it looks nice and I'm praying it lasts.

It took: 2 days

Cost: $2,501-$5,000

Recorded: July 2017

Two 30ft dumpsters just to get rid of the trash and debris in the garage, house and yard.... some Back breaking labor!

It took: 1 week

Cost: $501-$999

Recorded: August 2016

Installed a new front door.
Door $800
Install $400
misc materials $50
This job took about 8 hours to do
Still needs paint on the trim work I imagine this won't cost more than $20 to and a hour or two.

It took: Too long for a door install but worth it

Cost: $1,000-2,500

Recorded: August 2016

Replaced roof. Costly but well worth it. A lot of companies tried to convince me there was cedar shake on the roof... therefore justifying a $25K or better quote. There was no cedar shake and the true cost was $13 - $16K. Be careful selecting contractors on your own if you don't know much about construction and home repair.

It took: to find a contractor months ... actual project 4 days

Cost: $10,001-25,000

Recorded: October 2017

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