Brick + Beam Detroit

Grand On River

Commercial, >5,000 Square feet

Grand On River is a former bank building in Detroit that is getting a renewed lease on life. I had driven by the building frequently and noticed the for sale sign. Once I actually started looking for something to buy and renovate, I was reminded about the place by a realtor selling a different property I looked at. When I first saw the building on the inside, it was jam packed with stuff, there was water, there was mold, there even were mushrooms growing out of some carpet tiles. The building has an interesting history, and looks pretty impressive on its corner, flanked by two railroad bridges. There are some historic details left, and a vault or two!


A few of the things done by contractors:
- A new flat membrane roof with two inches of insulation
- New windows upstairs
- New furnace
- Fenced the side yard
- New plumbing
- Some exterior brick work
- Interior concrete floor

I had mostly good experiences with my contractors, so if you are looking for anyone to do work like the above list, let me know.

A few DIY things already done:
- A lot of demolition
- Repaired water damaged sub floors
- Some drywall
- Electrical repairs
- Repaired water damaged ceiling
- Harassed DTE in restoring power to the building

The biggest surprise was that the gas line wasn't just turned off, but was actually disconnected at the street. It took forever to get DTE to come out and run a new line, and a substantial cost.

Still to do (mostly DIY)
- Lay out and install lighting
- Hardwood floors in the bedroom
- Refinish living room hardwood floor
- Plaster and drywall repairs
- Weatherize all the exterior doors
- Insulate the roof further

It took: I'm about 8 months in, and I expect I'll take an other 4 months for things to be mostly done.

Cost: You don't want to know.

Recorded: February 2016

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