Brick + Beam Detroit

Cross Pollination Corridor Project

House, 3,001-5,000 Square feet

The Corridor consist of two abandon houses located in Brightmoor, District 1 farm-way community. The block or corridor dead ends at an abandon school. I am a urban farmer and grow chemical free vegetables. Multiple times, while working in the garden, i witnessed multiple criminal activities occur in this abandon area of Brightmoor. A third fire burnt house was recently demo and the old wooden framed remanding houses is surrounding by tall pines, and maple. It looks like a little country within an urban setting. In the early hours, one may see deer, groundhogs, raccoons, rabbits, and other animals rarely seen in Detroit. The area is adjacent to a beautiful butterfly garden. Thus, ;the ideal of rehabbing an area used for crime into a pollinator corridor with a meditating garden was created.

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