Brick + Beam Detroit

House, 2,001-3,000 Square feet

Duplex flat layout with antique glazed brick facade with totally symmetrical front porches. Minimalist rectangular layout with no frills. Excellent dimensional lumber structure.


The brick porches were nearly collapsing. I had a master mason rebuild the structure of the porches. We replaced the wing walls with cinder block. Two of the masonry caps had been stolen, so I poured matching caps from concrete.

It took: 2 months

Cost: $2,501-$5,000

Recorded: February 2017

Pigeons had been living in the attic for about 8 years. I blocked their entrance and remediated the pigeon waste (about 600 pounds) by shoveling it out, vacuuming, and power washing the inside of the attic. I removed the dormer where they lived. Then we had a roof crew strip the old roof which had 4 layers of shingles and two large holes. They replaced the wood cladding where it was rotted. Then had a roofer add new shingles and fascia.

It took: 3 months

Cost: $5,001-10,000

Recorded: February 2017

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