Brick + Beam Detroit

The House that Love Built

House, 1,501-2,000 Square feet

This house was my grandparent's home so it has special meaning to me. We've been spending most of our time updating and brightening the interior (e.g. getting rid of red shag carpets and wood paneling). Natural light is a little limited so we're working to capitalize and amplify any that we're getting. My favorite thing about it, is that it's a big red brick house which is all I've ever wanted growing up. The exterior won't change much given that dream, but we are toning down the overgrown foliage, looking to add some cute front yard division given that we're a corner house and susceptible to blown trash and eventually we'll change the exterior highlights (windows, door frames, etc.) from black to a brighter color to liven up the brick.


Redesigned/renovated the first floor half bath
-removed wooden vanity (rotten on the inside from a leak over an undetermined length of time; blue sink with rusting chip)---REPLACED with white pedestal sink to increase space and give a lighter, sleaker look
-Removed framed medicine cabinet--replaced with frameless mirror and accompanying shelf
-Removed wood panelling and styrofoam ceiling tiles (complete with yellowed coloring from the decades and gold glitter)--REPLACED with new dry wall to cover layers of wallpaper and avoid grinding glue from the ceiling; stormy blue colored paint
-Added 1 floating shelf and very pinterest esque decor items
RESULT--bathroom is totally brighter, it feels more spacious and ya know, there's no longer a rotting vanity in it

It took: 2 weeks

Cost: $151-$500

Recorded: March 2016

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