Brick + Beam Detroit

House, 2,001-3,000 Square feet

An 1899 Queen Anne with possibly the only walkout turret in Detroit, and one of the few remaining original carriage houses. She had nary a stitch of paint on her walls inside or out, plaster damage, thieved pipes, demolished bathroom & kitchen, no gutters, a dead boiler, leaks abounded, and the carriage house looked like a stiff breeze could tip it over.


* Waterproofing foundation where it leaked
* New gutters
* New roof
* Window restoration throughout
* Replaced carriage house doors with replicas
* Hardwood floor refinishing
* Extensive electrical work
* New boiler and radiator system repairs
* Radiator restoration (sandblast & powdercoat)
* New plumbing feed lines & drain repairs
* New 1.5 bathrooms
* New kitchen
* Facade restoration
* Chimney cap
* Chimney and foundation repointing
* Removed a secondary leaky chimney
* Rebuilt 2 porches
* Painted entire interior
* Reproducing historic trim to match house
* Replacing missing historic hardware

It took: 5 years

Cost: $100,000 or more

Recorded: January 2016

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