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Who replaces wood soffits and the decorative soffit arches?

Asked by ken at 11:24am on Mar 3 2018

I have a home on Chicago that needs the wood soffits and decorative soffit arches replaced. They need need to be historically accurate. Does anybody know a contractor who does this?


at 9:59am on Mar 4 2018

My suggestion is to contact a carpentry focused firm who specializes in restoration work on old homes. I am familiar with Maxwell Construction who has done restoration type carpentry work on my project. Maxwell Construction is on Brick & Beam or you can call Calvin Garfield at (734) 564-0115.

at 1:38pm on Mar 12 2018

I would recommend calling some of the woodworkers / carpenters on the Brick + Beam contractor list and asking if it's something the;y do and if not, if they have recommendations of who might. And if/when you find someone, please come back to the contractor list and click the "suggest a contractor" button on the upper left there and add them! Would love to know who you go with.

This person -- Ray Frase -- was just suggested to me as someone who does custom banisters and various historically-accurate replacements, so he might have an idea if he doesn't do it himself. His info is here:

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