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Where to buy used kitchen cabinets and more?

Asked by Gareth at 12:33pm on Mar 27 2016

I'm looking for a good place to buy used kitchen cabinets and other used rehab items. Any recommendations? I'm aware of Detroit's architecture salvage warehouse, are there others out there?


at 12:15pm on Mar 28 2016

Finding used reclaim/rehab items, as you know, is a bit of a scavenger hunt. Posting "wanted" ads on Craigslist, and daily monitoring of the site for wanted items will yield results, although it requires patience. Estate & garage sales also can be sources of quality items at reasonable prices. And the ReStore, if you happen to be there at the right time, will have exactly what you are looking for.

at 7:20pm on Mar 28 2016

I would second the ReStore! They have lots of great stuff and I know a few friends who have really lucked out, though sounds like Sammy knows that it can be a matter of timing to see if you find what you are looking for. Also, while I think Detroit's architectural salvage warehouse has far more options, you can sometimes get lucky at Recycle Ann Arbor's ReUse center.

at 11:11am on Apr 9 2016

Habitat for Humanity and Craigslist would be my first two suggestions.

at 1:32am on Jun 3 2016

I bought some RTA cabinets when I was having my kitchen remodeled by avonlea . They are more convenient and cost efficient than custom made cabinets, they provide more options and can be ordered in any style. Delivery is also pretty quick I got my cabinet within two weeks. Installation is also quite simple, you can find many tutorials online.

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