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Where to Buy Salvage Fenestra Windows

Asked by Brandon at 4:29pm on Dec 10 2018

Hi DIYers,

I'm trying to replace a window in my 1928 tudor. Specifically, the 'Standard Type' window about halfway down this page: Rough dimension are 52" x 37 1/2".

Does anyone know where I could find a match to this Fenestra steel casement window? I plan to try ASW this week, but I'm not sure where else to look.

Thanks for any suggestions!


at 11:03pm on Jan 16 2019

Hi Brandon,

Have you tried alternative salvage yards in the area or further out into Metro Detroit? I don't know if you're interested in trying window repair yourself, but you might be able to find a window with relatively good preservation that may need some glass replaced or some structural work done. Speaking from experience, I've found it more cost efficient to learn how to restore windows with broken panes than pay full price for a perfect original. Otherwise my advice would be to keep checking your local salvage yards, antique stores - I've even had luck with estate sales. Ebay also sells windows and craigslist/facebook marketplace can be good resources too. Not sure if any of this was news to you, but hopefully it helped a bit!


at 8:44am on Aug 6 2019

I am replacing my house full of Fenestra steel windows late AUgust, early September. I have not found anyone to help me remove these for sale - got names but no contact info. I will gladly sell for a nominal price these windows if someone contacts me before the window company comes in & tears them apart. 248.227.5522

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