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Where do I start to get information on a specific city owned property?

Asked by Carolyn Koch at 12:31pm on May 17 2017

My father's childhood home is listed as 3809 Pingree St. In Detroit. It is abandoned with no street number on it. I want to find more information about it. Would I start at the Detroit Land Bank?


at 9:31am on May 18 2017

I looked it up on and could only find 3807 Pingree, not a 3809. The listed ownership may not be updated, but it doesn't say it's city-owned. If you're confident it's city-owned, try contacting the land bank to see if it's in their rolls. They should be able to help you acquire it if they are in fact the owners.

at 10:13am on May 18 2017

Thanks, Emilie.

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