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Where can I get quality, experienced help fixing radiators and steam pipes?

Asked by Annie Rubel at 12:49pm on Jan 24 2016

I have a few that aren't getting any heat to them. They're all in the same area, so I'm suspecting it has to do with the line feeding them. Any suggestions?


at 9:51am on Jan 25 2016

Soley Heating - I use them frequently.

at 7:55pm on Feb 2 2016

There are actually a bunch of possible reasons. If you have a two-pipe steam system (one pipe going into the radiator and one coming out) the vents for your system are likely in your basement on a couple of the large horizontal pipes. If they are working properly several times per day they will make a loud hissing sound and emit steam. If one of them isn't working properly you might have a cold area (as you do).

Another possibility is that you have one or more steam traps that are bad. On a two-pipe steam system the trap is the fist-sized metal valve that separates steam from condensate. If it isn't working properly, the radiator it's attached to may be cold or partially cold.

As for repair companies, I'd recommend AAC Services.

at 7:36pm on Feb 3 2016

Recently a man who is very experienced with steam heating systems has offered to help with these kinds of problems. I think this is a retirement activity. I have had him twice, and he knows all about vents, return lines, drains, etc.
Harry Skrdla, Ann Arbor, will work in Detroit,
[email protected]. Likes to talk and explain what's going on with a system.

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