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Where can I find "wavy" or vintage window glass in Detroit?

Asked by Mark Reynolds at 11:03pm on Apr 1 2016

Looking for larger pieces, 32 by 36. Not sure I want to wander through abandoned houses.


at 8:30pm on Apr 3 2016

Hey Mark, thanks for your question! Good idea to not go rummaging through vacant homes. We actually just had someone from LeadHead glass in Detroit jump in on another question on FB, so I'm making the link here as Derek from LeadHead ( said they have lots of 20s and 30s glass. Hope that helps as a start!

at 9:11pm on Apr 3 2016

Hey there, Derek from LeadHead Glass here. I can help folks finding vintage glass. As long as I'm not overrun I can give for free. Hit me up at [email protected]

at 11:10am on Apr 9 2016

Try John Ellwood at Merry Go Round Stain Glass.
[email protected]

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