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Where can I find plumbers?

Asked by Persisting at 5:35am on May 11 2016

Our house was very recently renovated and the renovation works were done by After the works were completed we got a dishwasher as a lucky draw gift, so now we need to accomodate this in the kitchen. I do not want to ruin my kitchen for this so I need a plumber who is not messy and does his work properly.


at 10:27am on May 11 2016

Contact Kevin White of Mr. White's Plumbing

at 10:47am on May 12 2016

I had a great experience with Bison Plumbing. They are based in Warren but were responsive, great to work with and reasonably priced.

at 1:02pm on Jan 31 2017

I just had a great experience with Derek at Cregger Plumbing:

[email protected]

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