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What type of mortar should I use for tuck pointing our 1939 house?

Asked by Lou at 12:55pm on Mar 28 2020

Hey y'all,
I'd like to do some small spot repairs to the mortar on our house this year, and I'm wondering if anyone had advice about which type of mortar to use. We're in Rosedale Park; the house was built in 1939, classic brick tudor. I've heard the one thing you don't want to do is repair with a mortar that's harder or less permeable than the existing mortar. I know you can get analysis done, but I'd rather save the $300 if someone has a good failsafe suggestion or knows which type of mortar was commonly used during this time in Detroit. I don't mind mixing up my own if someone knows the recommended composition. thx!


at 10:16am on Mar 29 2020

Check in with the people at Saabistan Building Supply on 8 Mile. In order to do this right you'll probably need to do several color experiments.

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