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What help is available in the state of MS to rehab senior citzens home

Asked by Lori Clark at 3:57am on Nov 27 2018

My mother is 87 and needs major repairs to her home. She is on a fixed income of 800 monthly


at 1:24pm on Feb 1 2019

Hey Lori,
Not sure if you got this worked out yet, but here are a few places to start:
--The City of Detroit lists resources here. Unfortunately looks like the Senior Emergency Home Repair Grants are no longer taking applications. BUT there is a list of 0% Home Repair Loans.
--Check out what is offered through the MI Dept. of Health & Human Services, my understanding is that this is primarily for Furnace repair or replacement, but that this is a sort of difficult process:,5885,7-339-71547_5531_62129---,00.html
--HUD lists some resources for Home Repair here:
--The USDA also has a program "Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants in Michigan" But this is just for Rural areas, so Det./Hamtramck/ HP are not elligble geographies.
You can also call Michigan 211 to see if they have any more info on assistance programs, likely they might be able to help if you had specific repairs.

If you were able to find assistance, please let us know what worked for you in case someone has this question in the future!

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