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What are your thoughts about epoxy injections, for the purpose of re-securing old concrete facade? This is a $2700 question!

Asked by Alissa Shelton at 3:40pm on Mar 21 2016

We are in the process of having our 100 year old bank's facade repaired-- for the purposes of safety/security and to prevent future deterioration. The contractor has suggested using epoxy injections in several places to re-secure pieces, in addition to the concrete plaster, mortar, and sealant work they are already doing. The pieces are medium to large--ex: the top of a "column" detail around 3x2 foot rectangle and behind part of a longer more vertical pre-cast concrete column section, probably 5 ft tall. I am not familiar with this at all, and want to know if this seems like a good solution and a reasonable price?

Any experience/insight with injected epoxy as a solution would be helpful!


at 1:14pm on Apr 1 2016

Matt Cole of Chicago Greystone Initiative who is a wiz on these things said he gives a big thumbs DOWN to epoxy because it is super hard compared to natural cement, can act as a moisture barrier making things worse, and is almost impossible to undo. Straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. :) Hope this helps! Let us know what you do by replying here if you want!

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