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We're going to remove the gross shower doors from our tub and do a shower curtain instead. All of the instructions I see say to unscrew the side railing, but ours doesn't have any screws! Should we be able to just remove the caulk and pop it off of the wall or is there something else we need to consider?

Asked by Misha Lj Stallworth at 4:55pm on Apr 18 2016


at 1:22pm on Apr 21 2016

If there aren't any hidden screws under some kind of channel on your rail, I'd say it must be just some kind of adhesive, and you could just start applying force. Seems fishy though... I'd want to be really sure there aren't screws or rivets somewhere you can't see.

at 5:09am on Dec 3 2016

Shower curtain is a good choice. I think you should consult some professional services to do this, who has complete knowledge about the process. You can visit for more information.

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