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We just closed...I'm confused by the online permit application...

Asked by Renek40 at 10:13pm on Feb 14 2020

We are DIYers. I want to order container to start pulling off paneling and throwing out old drywall and we need our building permit for that?


at 11:49am on Feb 17 2020

Hey there,
Sometimes you need a permit for demolition when in doubt you can call BSEED. If you are getting a dumpster you would need a permit.
This guide can also be helpful:

Not that you asked, but depending on the age of the house and what materials you're working with, you want to be sure you've got the right masks/ etc. for demo work.
Older plaster can have harmful substances in it like asbestos, and newer drywall can have fiberglass, plus it's usually all covered in lead paint.
EPA offers some helpful guidelines to help DIYers work safely here:

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