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vintage furnace and thermostat help

Asked by Martin Olivier at 7:31pm on Sep 13 2017

Our mid-century furnace is acting strangely. Something is constantly running, and even the shutoff switch doesn't stop it.

Also, we have a Honeywell thermostat that we think is from the 1940s, and we'd like to replace it with a new, programmable thermostat. Unfortunately, the electric terminals on the Honeywell thermostat aren't labelled, and the wiring configuration doesn't look like anything I've seen on the Internet.

I would love any recommendations for folks who can work on my old furnace. If that same person could help me hook up a new thermostat, that would be even better!

Any info helps! Thanks!!


at 8:01pm on Sep 14 2017

I can't recommend Derek at Cregger Plumbing highly enough (all his guys are good but he's the boss and is excellent). They worked on our super old furnace and got it in tip-top shape (including preventing us from dying from a carbon monoxide leak he detected and fixed). He also installed our Nest thermostat (which I highly recommend as well).

at 8:17pm on Sep 14 2017

I actually had a very similar problem, also with a Honeywell thermostat that was very old. The issue ended up being a short in a relay between the thermostat and the furnace that had the thermostat wires constantly in the "on" position. This was diagnosed by someone at Yates Services, whom I highly recommend.

at 9:21am on Sep 15 2017

Awesome, thanks, guys! I will contact both of those companies!

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