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Stripping paint from molding

Asked by Morgan Drutchas at 3:19pm on May 29 2018

I am stripping paint from (5 grooved) 114 year old molding. I used a heat gun to get 80% of the paint off, but now I am confused what to do next. I still have paint on it but can’t sand because the wood will lose the definition in it’s grooves and more heat gun will cause further discoloration. HELP!!! I can be reached at (248) 229 - 8947.


at 7:53am on Jun 2 2018

I've found that denatured alcohol works great for getting off the last layer of paint. Apply it with a rag and scrub with very fine steel wool. Wipe it down with a damp rag and lightly sand afterward. Good luck!

at 9:25am on Jun 6 2018

Dumond makes a product called peel away. it's a putty like paint stripper that you slather into the crenulations and apply what looks like wax paper over, then it binds to the paint and pulls it off. you have to be careful about not letting it dry up but it's supposed to be really low fume. I suggest calling them for tips, they were really helpful. I purchased some but havent tried it yet. But it's basically designed for your problem.

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