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Steel Window Hardware parts

Asked by Lkulawczyk at 3:41pm on Oct 30 2018

We have 1930's Steel casement windows in our house. We are missing a lot of the crank hardware to open them. The cranks at Home Depot, etc. do not fit. Is there a supply of historic window parts I can use?


at 5:39am on Nov 1 2018

Try the antique store on the corner of Third Street & I75 Fisher Service Drive (directly across the freeway from MGM Casiono parking lot).

at 11:28am on Nov 2 2018

Totally agree with the above. They have lots of stuff. You could also reach out to Architectural Salvage Warehouse. Their location shut down I believe but they've moved to being more of a warehouse and have lots of stuff. You could also call Building Hugger. They restore steel casement windows and sometimes have parts and pieces. Lastly, a metalsmith could probably make you some. comes to mind.

at 2:09pm on Nov 9 2018

Blaine Window and Door Hardware. They have a lot of old manufacturers hardware. In Maryland, but they have been in business a long time.

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