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Asked by Michelle Butler at 3:46pm on Jan 28 2016

Looking for someone to repair a roof most companies will tell you that you need a complete tear-off , but the roof is not leaking , just some of the shingles are missing and when the gutters were stolen from the property all the fascia and trim is rotten so the wood and gutters need to be replaced. If you know of anyone who is reliable and trustworthy and will give me a fair price for the work that needs to be done. Please send me there contact information. Thank you.


at 7:26pm on Feb 3 2016

Steve Cato
Integrity Contractors Inc
[email protected]
Roofing companies are terrible about only wanting to do complete roofs. There is a definite need to find companies who will do just repairs. Maybe try a gutter company, which would do the fascia boards as part of installing new gutters.

at 11:15am on Apr 9 2016 Although we only warranty roof replacements, we WILL do repairs.

Disclaimer: I own the company.

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