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Retractable Screens

Asked by Jean Ingersoll-Gough at 9:10am on Oct 11 2019

I attempted to login on the website and my login and PW keeps getting rejected and didn’t ask me to reset so I have become impatient and gave up.

We have a Tudor revival home built in 1926. We have a few windows with pull down metal screens on metal tracks. They are now so old and unused (and slightly rusted) that I cannot pull them down all the way, and/or off the track. We don't want to replace the screens for new ones for aesthetic reasons.

I thought about sanding the tracks and then seeing what a little WD40 will do on the tracks. I’m not sure if I can get the track operative and it’s what happens up at the top of the window that I don't understand.

My main questions are: Is there a mechanism inside the dowel that I need to know about? Is there a way to get it working? Is there a way to revive the old, stiff and rusted metal mesh screen without removing or replacing it? Is there a good way to clean it (besides a brush and a dust mask) is there a solvent or some other cleaner?
Thank you!

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