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Removing tile from bathroom walls

Asked by Carly Britton at 3:49pm on May 4 2017

We have two full bathrooms upstairs with white ceramic tile about halfway up on every wall. I want it removed, like yesterday. Has anyone taken on such a project themselves, or is it best to leave to a professional? I just want to replace with drywall and paint. Nothing too complicated. I know the drywall would probably need to be installed professionally, but I'm wondering if the tile removal is a stupid project to take on myself. Thanks!


at 11:01am on May 10 2017

I wish I had a good answer here! Tile removal is definitely something you can take on on your own, but I'm on the fence about taking up some floor tile ourselves too or having a professional do it and I can't decide either! That said, I'm sure you have your reasons for wanting the tile gone, but all professionals I've talked to say drywall around wet areas leads to mold issues. We're having some tile removed as part of a kitchen renovation, but we're leaving the plaster substrate as much as possible. With that though, I look forward to maybe someone else weighing in on this!

at 2:39pm on Jan 22 2018

I see that this post is old, but I wanted to share my input for anyone else out there thinking about removing tiles. It's actually very easy to do. I recently removed a bunch from an old bathroom, which revealed the original tiles. Just grab a big crowbar, chip at a corner until you can get the bar under, and pull up. It was actually really fun, a good workout, and a good way to relieve stress. Haha! Best of luck!

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