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Recommendations on historic tile vendors

Asked by Cassie Marie Lee at 2:37pm on Jan 22 2018

I was able to remove awful pink, 80's-style tile from my bathroom floor to reveal the original 1920's tile. Unfortunately, there are a few tile pieces missing. I'm having issues finding the correct size tiles, since we no longer dimension anything the same way that we used it. The size is 3/4" x 1 9/16," which I'v read is a standard size for the 1920s. Does anyone know of a place that sells either vintage or replicated vintage tiles?


at 11:46am on Jan 23 2018

I would try American Restoration tile. They’re an on line vendor but they have some great historic tile colors. I found a floor mosaic on their site that exactly matched my 1914 rehab home bathroom floor. Here is their URL: Good luck

at 5:34pm on Feb 24 2018

Another idea is to contact a tile restoration expert who may have the particular tile in his inventory or he may be able to cut one to size. The fellow that I have worked with over the last 20 years for tile repair is Mike McCormick (313) 531-2811.

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