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Recommendations for builder/carpenter to replace back porch?

Asked by Philip Rivera at 4:13pm on May 23 2017

Existing back porch is sagging--looking to demo and build new wood porch. Any builder/carpenter recommendations appreciated. Home is located just north of New Center. Thanks!


at 10:03am on May 24 2017

Check out our newly-launched contractor list! Lots of carpenters listed there:

Hope that helps as a place to start!

at 11:00am on May 24 2017

Thanks, Emilie! I did check the list and think it's a great resource. Just hoping for any personal recommendations of these or any other contractors who have built porches. Thought it might save on multiple phone calls.

at 11:05am on May 24 2017

Excellent and that makes good sense! Since we just launched the list, I just wanted make sure you knew it was there. Hoping someone can weigh in for you! Let us know how things turn out.

at 6:28pm on Jun 1 2017

you might want to talk to Terry Mrachina 313 350 3598.

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