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Pocket door repairs: anyone know a good resource to fix?

Asked by Brad at 11:03am on Aug 17 2018

Fixing pocket door tracks and making sure they open and close easily. Some of the wheels and fixtures are missing. Thanks !


at 1:38pm on Feb 1 2019

I hope you've already fixed this! But since we had to repair one last year I wanted to share.
We tried getting new wheels from Brooks Lumber, but none of the options they had were right.
So unfortunately, ended up ordering these wheels online to try:
I believed the pink-ish ones were the correct fit!

I also opened up a small portion of the wall so I could get my arm a drill in there to new screws up into the track, .It turned out over time the track had loosened and wasn't hanging correctly.

We also messed with some of the moldings/ wood spacers that were near the track. These had also shifted over time and needed a little repositioning/ tightening.

+++ Some WD40 on the track.

Were you able to fix yours up? What worked best?


at 4:58pm on Feb 1 2019

Hey, thanks for the response! Yes I fixed one set of doors and having settling issues affecting the other set. My issue was having to fix the track pulley on the other side of the door. I removed the stopper in the middle of the track and pulled the door all the way through. Used a good old stick and duct tape method to put the pulley back on the track in the door opening (I didn’t want to make holes in the wall) and got it back on the track and fixed back to the track on the door.

On the other set the floor is bowed out so they stop and hit the floor when pulling out. Need to either sand the bottoms or undo all the trim and somehow get the doors out to fix the bottoms.

Thanks for sending. It’s hard to find info on pocket doors !

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