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Older storm window/metal screen, sliding -- help!

Asked by Tracie M at 8:25pm on May 16 2016

Does anyone know window specialists who can help me comprehend and strategize how to handle a dozen windows with ancient-looking storm window/metal screen combos that slide up and down?

Design looks solid; with 2 siding panels for storm windows so you can slide them up to the top half of window in summer, and one sliding screen panel, which you can use whenever the storms aren't in the way. But the house has been neglected, the panels don't all slide well, screens are filthy etc.

Help! Who knows how these things work, the tricks to keeping them going, and who can I hire to help me with them?!?


at 9:41am on Jun 24 2016

Hi Tracie, have you resolved this yet? We'd love to learn what you did. The window specialists I would highly recommend are:

Amy Swift of BuildingHugger
Andrea Sevonty of Sevonty Restoration
Jim Turner of Turner Restoration

Or if you've figured out your game plan, let us know what you went with!

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