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Old house smell

Asked by Sarah Sharp at 10:49am on Jul 3 2020

We’ve repainted everything, removed all carpet, and refinished the floors but our house still has that old house smell. This is after several years too! Our kitchen is down to the studs right now and I can smell it in the wood. Any suggestions on a product to treat the bare wood? It will only be the kitchen but I figure something is a better than nothing. Thank you.


at 1:08pm on Jul 4 2020

make sure furnace filter is changed, get heating ducts cleaned. spray paint ceiling, walls and floor of basement and newly uncovered bare wood. you've already painted, could have used kills oil base. are some areas worse than others? upstairs might benefit by a layer of blown insulation

at 9:31am on Jul 7 2020

Thanks, George, I appreciate your suggestions. We have radiant heat so no furnace filters. We added new insulation in the attic when we moved in. Will definitely use Kilz on bare wood in kitchen.

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