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need to find acompany that makes glass windows and refurbish antique windows

Asked by Joy Owens at 5:41pm on May 17 2016

I bought a home in Detroit. The home was built in 1892. We have six plus round windows that need glass, and approximately 36 windows of different sizes needing balancing etc.


at 10:49am on May 18 2016

586 909 5106

Integrity Window

at 2:31am on May 25 2016

We are planning to renovate our home which was built in 1970. All the windows and doors have to be replaced. You know, replacing windows involve many decisions!!
Of course ,choosing the company also. Remember there are many companies in the world there trying to get your business, but we should choose the one which is qualified to do the best work for us! Always make sure that the manufacturer is an expert. Because even if you have the best windows, they won’t be much good if your contractor fails to install them properly . Then choose someone who is insured. I' m going to get the help of Clera windows ( ). Good service and quality work. Thank you :)

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