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Need a window restoration contact / painter

Asked by Krysti Loftis at 5:16pm on Oct 6 2020

1926 home in University District with a few cracked and a few seriously warped windows. Diamond pane and stained glass. They have been painted over, and some are stuck shut. Some have roll-screens still in tact. Would like to restore and weatherize.

We also have wood and stucco detailing on the outside of the house that needs caulking and new paint. Current paint is peeling on the sun-side and would like to seal up before winter if possible.

Thank you!


at 10:54am on Oct 8 2020

Hi Krysti,
In case you don't receive any responses from contractors here, we encourage you to check out the window contractor page and reach out to a few contractors directly for estimates.
Good luck!

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