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Need a referral for window repair

Asked by Amanda Rosales at 11:02am on Mar 31 2016

I recently purchase a house built in 1937. The original windows are intact, but have recently been re-glazed and painted shut. In an effort to open one, I pushed a bit to hard and broke one of the panes (it is a six pane window). Does anyone know of someone who can replace it? Also, maybe you know someone who would be up for some side work of helping me pry these windows open?

In addition, my front steel security door is missing the glass that would normally be placed in the middle. I am thinking this would be a custom cut, so I would ask for this to be replaced as well.


at 12:44pm on Apr 1 2016

Building Hugger ( did a great job on some historic window repairs for my home!

at 1:09pm on Apr 1 2016

A second vote for Amy and her team at Building Hugger! Andrea Sevonty at Sevonty Restoration ( also fixes windows in Detroit. Jim Turner of Turner Restoration is another option, but he is working out of town a lot right not and might not be available ([email protected]).

at 1:56pm on Apr 1 2016

this is coming in from facebook---seems to address the scale of your job

Neighborhood hardware stores are a good place to have window pane glass replaced. They also can make replacement windows for guard doors. But you will have to take the entire window out and take it to them. It is not hard to do. My 17 yr old son and I did two windows in about 40 minutes. It may take the hardware store a couple of hrs. to complete it. As far as the windows being painted shut, I found that this tool "5 in 1" tool works best with a hammer

at 9:12pm on Apr 3 2016

Hey there, Derek from LeadHead Glass. I can help you find vintage glass. As long as I'm not overrun I can give for free. Hit me up at [email protected]

at 3:56pm on Apr 8 2016

Building Hugger and Virtuoso Design+Build have collaborated on Historic Preservation projects around Detroit. Building Hugger should be your go-to for your windows, every time!
[email protected] [email protected]

at 12:22pm on Apr 9 2016

For a simple window repair job like replacing a broken pane of glass, I have heard good things about Alstate Glass, a long-time Detroit company. They can do much more. The other companies suggested are terrific, but their strength is more complicated window restorations.

at 5:26pm on Apr 9 2016

Try John Ellwood at Merry Go Round Stain Glass.
[email protected]

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