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My son and I are hoping to start our first rehab project and was wondering if a contractor would be able to join us at the inspection tomorrow to give a realistic idea of rehab costs? We realize this is a last minute request and would really appreciate it

Asked by Cheryl Saul-Sehy at 10:28pm on Sep 16 2019

Tuesday at noon


at 10:23am on Sep 17 2019

It may be too late at this point to have someone join you at noon today, but I just wanted to say that I think it’s a very good idea to have at least one contractor — but to be even more thorough have some specific trades folks — meet you to help you decide if the property is a good investment.

However with many contractors being super busy with projects, it can be tricky (and you’d need some more lead time) to get tradespeople to come meet you for an estimate, especially if you don’t own the property yet.

An inspector is also helpful for helping you understand what needs to be done, but they also cost around $500 for that visit, but it does result in a thorough report for you so that you’re able to know exactly what’s needed. They can also help you ascertain what’s most pressing first, second, third to address. Hope this helps and good luck!

at 10:25am on Sep 17 2019

Oh sorry I just re-read your post and you said it is an inspection today you’re having! I’ve always had contractors (specifically for systems I know may need addressing) join me during inspections too but hopefully your inspector can help guide you for today.

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