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Magical (small space) Toilet Advice?

Asked by Betsy at 9:40am on Jun 6 2018

Does anyone have advice or a good firm that can help with replacing a toilet in a small space? I have about 26" of space before hitting an in-swinging door and a 14 inch rough in. I've not been able to find any toilets that start to fit there... I didn't realize the extremely nasty old pink toilet we pulled out was somehow magical when we put it on the curb...

I've looked at all the major brands and not found one that will fit. Toto sells converters to set a toilet back 2" on a rough in but even then their toilets are too long.

I think I may have to ask an bathroom design expert but this is a DIY reno so if anyone has a lead on someone who can give good layout advice for a non-boutique budget that would be great too...

Failing that, I may have to pay to have the waste pipe moved, in which case I might just put the tank in the wall while it's all open for a gut anyways - does anyone have experience with that?

Thank you!


at 10:47am on Jun 6 2018

You could call a plumbing supply company like Advanced Plumbing, give them the dimensions you need to hit and ask them to pour through their catalogs, but you've probably exhausted most of the options already, as it doesn't seem like there are very many at all below 24" long, and the 14" rough presents a problem. Maybe Architectural Salvage Warehouse has one that fits your needs (maybe you'll even find your old pink toilet there!)

Or depending on your layout, would installing a narrower bathroom door help? I've seen bathroom doors as narrow as 24".

As far as help with thinking about different layouts and other options, I'm an architect and would be happy to take a look and talk through some of the pros and cons of different layout ideas. If you're interested please feel free to email me at [email protected]. As an alternative, I'm sure you'd find the opinions of general contractors and plumbers helpful too, if you asked them over to take a look and develop some options and quotes.

at 2:32pm on Jun 11 2018

thanks Nathan, good thoughts!

at 2:17pm on Jul 11 2018

I could ask my plumber to take a look at it. Sounds like you need a special bowl.

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