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Looking for insurance on our vacant detroit home, does any know who will insure Detroit homes that are vacant while remodeling

Asked by Chelsie at 10:49am on Jul 1 2019

Home is in Russell Woods neighborhood


at 3:11pm on Jul 1 2019

Hi Chelsie,
It's tricky to insure vacant homes for sure! The insurance also often requires certain security measures on-site, and if these aren't met they will cancel your policy. When all else fails, you can contact Michigan Basic, MI's FAIR property insurance option. You usually only use basic when you were are denied or unable to purchase property insurance from standard companies. It can affect the quotes you get from standard companies if/when you want to switch back to standard insurance.
We did use them for around one month when we were working on our home because it was what we could get at the time.
There are a few options listed on the end of the B+BD presentation from Ashaki Malone:

More info about MI Basic:

Hope this helps!

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