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Looking for Fenestra (Detroit Steel Products Co.) Brand Casement Window Screens

Asked by Jason Marker at 12:11pm on May 27 2020

Hey there. My wife and I recently bought a house in Bagley (built 1933) and it still has the original Fenestra steel casement windows. Thankfully, the house came with most of the window screens, but I'm missing a few key ones. Does anyone have a line on salvaged Fenestra brand screens? I'd post pictures of what I need but I don't believe I can here.


at 8:33am on Jun 24 2020

Jason: I also need Fenestra screens, but currently have none. Could you send me some photos of your current screens? Based on that I can help dig around metro Detroit for a supplier. Thanks. [email protected]

at 3:05pm on Jul 7 2020

H&R windows in hazel park can build new screens or repair old ones. If you need pictures or dimensions I can measure mine to help you

at 3:54am on Sep 3 2020

I also am looking for Fenestra screens. Who do you recommend?

at 5:48am on Sep 3 2020

Clayton: As suggested by Sarah Cronin, try H&R Windows in Hazel Park. Visited once. Old school, appeared reliable / knowledgeable.

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