Brick + Beam Detroit

Looking for cheap to free building materials

Asked by Melissa Cabeen at 11:43am on Aug 5 2018

We purchased a home in Detroit. When we arrived from Denver, we found the home to have had a fire. We are trying to get it together, but are running on about $50 now. My boyfriend is doing all the work alone. We really need some help in any way with the home. Looking for resources. Thank you


at 10:07am on Aug 6 2018

Go check out the Detroit Architectural Salvage Warehouse. They have a secret warehouse on the East side too, so make sure you ask them about it. :)

at 11:51am on Aug 13 2018

Architectural Salvage is great! Also check out Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores, although the one in Detroit closed. There are others in the surrounding area.
I also use craigslist a lot.

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