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Looking for bathroom rehab

Asked by Aaron Dome at 8:43pm on Aug 3 2016

Bathroom is currently a shambles, looking for a contractor to take it back to pre-war style with tile. Most contractors want to paint with the Home Depot brush.. looking for contractor who can get his or her head around what I'm looking for.


at 1:57pm on Aug 8 2016

Aaron, another thread in the Q&A forum may have some starting points for you. Pasting the link to that thread here:

Also a resource here that is not contractor specific but may be of help:

Let us know who you go with so we can help spread the word to others in the same boat!

at 2:59am on Oct 29 2016

Drainage issue includes a lot of other problems with it like drain leakage, sewer repairs,etc so one need to take care of that as well. It may be either removed by the tool suggested or you may also call an expert if you think the problem is serious. I have heard some good reviews about one of the plumbing services company which specializes in such type of problems handling. You may get better advice from them for rehabilitation.

at 12:26am on Dec 2 2016

I completely agree with you, always hire professionals as they have required skills. You can search over the web or take references from your friends and family.

at 4:47am on Jan 27 2017

You should search over the internet.

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