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Looking for a quality general contractor familiar with historic rehabs

Asked by Martha Potere at 2:13pm on May 3 2016

Help! We closed on our house 3/4 and our GC still hasn't tightened up our scope of work to the bank's liking. As a result, we are waiting on our renovation loan to go through (we bought the house with cash - begrudgingly). Is this normal? Throw in the Historic District Commission and we probably won't get our permits for exterior work until June. It seems as though this is taking too long. Are we just being impatient? Or are there other GCs out there worth contacting? Thanks!


at 12:06pm on May 4 2016

Contact Terry Swafford
Swafford Building Workshop
(773) 655-2951
[email protected]

He's specializes in historic renovation.

at 10:44am on May 5 2016

Hi Martha! In addition to Terry, I would also recommend contacting Dwight (Skip) Stackhouse ([email protected]). He's an old hat at old houses and he might be able to help you. He's worked with many folks we know in doing inspections and GC work.

at 10:46am on May 5 2016

Meant to add Skip's website too:

at 4:56pm on May 6 2016

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate all of the help. GO TEAM BRICK + BEAM!

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